Transmission-Led Generation

Transmission is the key to unlocking climate goals and is essential to meet growing clean energy and carbon reduction mandates. However, more than 70% of transmission lines in the United States are over 25 years old.

energyRe is focused on decarbonizing American cities with transmission-led generation: well-connected, robust regional electric grids that pave the way for the growing influx of renewable energy.

We offer HVDC transmission in the United States’ largest load centers - increasing reliability, affordability, and resiliency for all.

U.S. Transmission is 25+ Years Old
Clean Energy
Transmission helps connect and scale up new technologies—including renewables and energy storage.
Reliable & Efficient
Electric Grids
Transmission moves low-cost electricity to where it’s needed. New transmission brings increased reliability and economic benefits.

Clean Path NY

A 1,300 MW, 175-mile underground and underwater HVDC transmission line from Delaware County to New York City and 3,800 MW of new wind and solar capacity in upstate and Western New York.