Sustainable Energy Solutions For Your Business Needs

energyRe is leading America's energy transition and solving complex sustainability challenges with clean energy solutions. energyRe offers a broad utility-scale renewable energy portfolio spanning diverse geographies, technologies, and markets—ensuring an affordable, reliable power supply to the communities we serve.

We provide customers with flexible purchase agreements to meet their unique energy needs. Whether you require energy plus renewable energy certificates (RECs) or REC-only agreements, we can deliver reliable and sustainable power physically or financially nationwide. 

Extensive Portfolio
Diverse renewable energy projects across multiple geographies and technologies
Customized Solutions
Flexible purchase agreements tailored to your goals
Community Focus
Commitment to public health, environmental stewardship, and community development

Trusted Partner with Proven Experience

With a track record of developing sustainable projects, energyRe is a trusted partner committed to supporting a just transition, community development, public health, and environmental stewardship. Our expertise ensures that we deliver solutions that improve resiliency and increase grid reliability. By combining modern transmission with diverse sources of clean energy, we ensure that your business has power where and when it needs it.